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School Safety & Violence Prevention

No Limit to Class Size

4 hours - In-Person

  • Data Clarity on Targeted Violence

  • Understand Adolescent Behavior

  • Establishing Behavioral Baselines

  • Recognizing Bully Behavior and Suicidal Indicators

  • Identify Predicative Behaviors Associated to Violent Intent

  • Effectively Communication

  • Toxic Empathy and Biased Based Decision Making

  • Influence Change

  • De-Escalation Strategies

  • Increase Emotional Intelligence

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Cole Valley Private School, ID

"This was awesome, and I usually HATE trainings! Very informative, but kept my interest the ENTIRE time."

Broken Arrow Public Schools, OK

"Appreciated the focus on understanding the developmental characteristics and needs of adolescents."

Drummond Publics Schools, OK

It was very beneficial. It helped to open up my thinking & reaction towards students."
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