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Brad Young

Guardian Division Program Manager

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With 20 years of service ranging from military intelligence to city and rural law enforcement, Brad's background brings depth to this program. 

Brad dedicated thirteen years to a diverse range of assignments that encompassed patrol duty, K9 operations, serving as a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Officer and Trainer, Assistant Team Leader for the Hostage Negotiation Team, acting as a School Resource Officer, undertaking responsibilities as a Juvenile Detective, and delivering impactful presentations as a Conference Speaker. 

In addition to his practical experience, he has been recognized as a thought leader in his field, with four peer reviewed published articles featured in nationally circulated trade publications. The first article delves into the art of utilizing influence to foster voluntary compliance. The second publication focuses on designing and implementing realistic training methodologies, while the third article concentrates on effective communication techniques when engaging with adolescents. Notably, the third article achieved publication in two separate esteemed publications.

Furthermore, Brad actively contributed to the development and establishment of the On the Edge program. The course development was built on training and experiences that he recognized were necessary components to safety and violence prevention. His contributions empower individuals by equipping them with the necessary skills to proactively identify and address potential issues.

Brad's extensive professional journey reflects unwavering dedication to excellence, continuous learning, and making meaningful contributions to the education, community, and law enforcement domains.

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